Tours to Russia: how, where and why

You can find the main information about Russia and it’s tourism here. We hope it will be interesting for you to learn something new about our country: it’s tourist attractions, climatic features, traditions, geography and so on.

Russia, also officially known as The Russian Federation, is a country in northern Eurasia. Russia is the largest country in the world, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth’s inhabited area. Russia spans 9 time zones, shares land borders with 14 countries and maritime borders with 2 ones. Russian Federation is divided into 9 Federal Districts, each of those has it’s own climatic and ethnic features. Russia is a multinational country. Besides Russian people you can also meet there: Ukrainian, Tatar, Byelorussians, Yakut, Balt, German, Polish, Chinese, Romanian, Jew and a large number of other nationalities, who get on easy and live peacefully on the long and wide Russian territory. Specializations of different parts of Russia are different too.

For example: the clambers of the Russian Government are situated in Moscow – in the capital of Russia; Saint-Petersburg is known as cultural capital of Russia; Siberia is considered a main source of ram materials and electric power of our country in right: one of the world largest and powerful hydro power stations is built on Yenisei river – Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydropower station.

Nowadays tourism in Russia is developing very fast. The Internet bristles with offers of Russian tour operators, who call attention to the tours in all directions of our immense country. Programs of travel of Russia may be various, you can choose: impressing outing in the Russian capitals – Moscow and Saint-Petersburg; but Russia is not confined by these cities… The main history tours of Russia are the trips along Golden Ring and Silver Ring, those include a number of ancient Russian towns those are living pictures of Russian history. You may also choose an unforgettable voyage on Volga – one of the longest Russian rivers. If you are in Russia, you have a chance to visit the place, where east and west meet each other – Kazan. Vladivostok is also interesting – it hosts one of the biggest Russian seaports and if you are keen on sea voyages it is a perfect variant for you! If you are fond of beach holidays, do to Crimea immediately! People, who are mad about extreme and adventure tourism, will be totally impressed by winter sport resorts of the northern Caucasus. And Siberia alone counts for a lot! You should necessary visit beauty of local nature: Khakass prairies, the lake Teletskoye – the gem of Altai region, Achairsky Abbey, “The Okunevskaya ark” – the attraction of UFOs, the unique mountainous area in Tyva – Borus, where you can go in for mountain camping, take pictures of breathtaking views of one of the biggest Siberian mountains – Sayan mountains with their lakes, valleys, meadows, forests and snowy peaks.

Russian tour agents offer a lot of different variants of vacations in Siberia, that is one of the touristic leaders among Russian Federal Districts. Siberia is rich with natural sights and sights made by people.

Anyway, whatever holiday in Russia you choose, travelling in Russia will be a life-time experience and a great adventure in the widely-discussed and mysterious country.


All in all, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Russia!