The Russian Cuisine

The Russian cuisine forms a significant part of Russian culture and lifestyle. The best traditions of cooking are passed from generation to generation in Russia. There is a traditional rule in Russia – when guests come to your house you must have a table set for them with the best and the most delicious dishes and drinks. Russian people like fresh and homemade food.

meals_bigSiberian cuisine is part of traditional Russian cuisine. It has special characteristics, and became widely known for various combinations of meat, fish, game, berries and mushrooms, as well as taiga seasonings – wild onion, ramson, fern sprouts, and fragrant herbs. Frozen meat and fish dishes – “stroganina” and “raskolotka” – are a Siberian specialty.

Traditional Siberian foods, of course, have some common ingredients, such as potatoes, wheat and rye bread, dairy products like butter, cottage cheese, cheese and sour cream; meat (most commonly pork and beef) and grain crops. The most popular traditional Siberian dishes are borsch, rassolnik (meat or fish soup with pickled cucumbers), okroshka (cold kvass soup with chopped vegetables and meat), pelmeni (meat dumplings), jellied minced meat, or holodets, jellied fish (zalivnoye), pancakes, meat, fish and vegetable pies, kasha (porridge), etc. The most famous traditional Siberian soft drinks are kvass, cranberry and cowberry drinks, and tea made from taiga herbs. You can taste legendary Russian vodka produced by Altai’s best distilleries. Any drink, even a strong alcoholic one, made from high quality ingredients and served with abundant food, will be good to your health. Home-distilled vodka is the original Russian alcoholic beverage.

The menu of The “Russian House” includes only nutritious and delicious food!

We offer a wide variety of dishes, a description of those you can find below:

snegurkaMeat: various dishes made from home-grown beef and mutton are included in the tourists’ menu. You can order traditional meat dishes of the Russian cuisine: meat aspic, meatballs, chops, “goulash” (braised meat or poultry with a sauce, traditionally served with pasta, rice, buckwheat or boiled potatoes), baked ham (“bugenina”) and also all-time favorite soup of Russian people – “borsch” (cabbage soup with meat and beetroot). Furthermore, you can taste pluck pies and take “shurpa” to a picnic (“shurpa” is made from mutton, vegetables and spiced with a combination of spices). Russian kebab is also available. Besides that you can find dishes including goose and duck meat that is grown only on the farm of the “Russian House”.

Dairy products: the guests of our tourist centre have a unique opportunity to drink fresh cow and goat milk for breakfast every morning. Other dairy products are also available: home-made sour cream, cottage cheese, different types of cheese. Goat milk is enormously nutritious, especially for children. That’s why we let bring it to the rooms. We serve milk not in glass jars and jugs, we pour it into clay pots (“crynka”) – it is a traditional Slavonic way of serving and storing milk.

Vegetables, green and berries: the majority of our home-made pickled preserves and varied kinds of jam are made from fruit, vegetables and berries grown in our green houses and in local forests. In summer and autumn we offer to our guests: tomatoes, cucumbers and green, those have just been picked from our patches. Some guests ask recopies of their favorite dishes made by our cooks to make them themselves at home.

Buns and rolls: our cooks are so masterful! Many guests admit that they have never eaten such tasty pancakes, pies and cheesecakes before! Additionally, we offer other traditional Russian deserts: “sharlotka” (a cottage cheese apple pie), buns, “shanika”(buns with various fillings), rolles with poppyseed and raisin, friedpies. Do not be afraid of putting weight on! You will spend all calories during riding horses, playing active games, swimming and doing other activities offered by the “Russian House”!

The cuisine served in the Russian House is cooked in keeping with the best Russian and Siberian traditions. Apart from traditional Russian and Siberian dishes, our cooks will treat you with whatever you wish – our staff do their best to satisfy our guests’ requests! Enjoy the home-like atmosphere and hospitality of Russian feasts! Tables in the Russian House are always set for you!

All in all, come and taste everything the sooner the better!