The rules of residence

in the “Russian House”

Dear guests! We offer you to learn the rules of the life in the “Russian House” to provide your comfort and safety. You will not find any firm prohibitions and unthinkable conditions, everybody understands these rules as sure as a gun, but we wrote these rules just in case. Every guest signs a paper, confirming that he knows that rules and obligated to follow them.


Everything guaranteed to the guest during the holiday in the “Russian House”:


– accommodation in a room, car parking;
– everyday meals: breakfast from 8,30 to 11,00; lunch from 13,00 to 16,00; dinner from 19,00 to 22,00 (until 24,00 on weekends, prolonged for celebrations and banquets);
Besides the basic meals picnics are set outdoors.
The guests may take food and drinks to the rooms in plastic dishes. Empty used dishes must be took away;
– horse-riding with an instructor;
To be admitted to horse riding, the guests must learn an sign the safety rules and have an orientation and follow all the given recommendations. People in condition of alcoholic intoxication are not admitted to horse-riding;
– using of the Russian Bathes;
– picnics in the ” Russian fairy tales Glade”, next to or inside of a real “Hut on chicken legs”;
– using of shared facilities of the tourist centre: passengers’ lounge, billiard room (pledge: 500 Rub and showing a passport), bar, fireplace room, opened deck of the Ship;
– using of audio equipment for discos;
– using other facilities of the tourist centre.

In summer:

– A boat trip on r.Chumysh and its channels;
waterskiing, “buns” and “bananas”, towage by a boat;
– rest and picnics on river pontoons;
– spending time on sand bars (a delivery by a boat is available if necessary);
 riding in the summer Russian Troyka;
– picking berries and mushrooms in the forest.

In winter:

– cross-country skiing (pledge of passport);
– skating (pledge of passport);
– riding in the winter Russian Troyka;
– sledging and snowtubing from a snow hill, equipped with an elevator for equipment;
– snowmobile tours (People in condition of alcoholic intoxication are not admitted to the snowmobiles);
– the rest in the “Russian fairy tales Glade”.

Extra-paid facilities:

 Russian bath on the territory of the tourist centre (max 15 people) – 200 Rub/h (the Russian bath + a bunch of green birch twigs);
 Russian bath with an ice hole (max 6 persons) – 400 Rub/h (the Russian bath + a bunch of green birch twigs);
a kebab: 150-200 Rub/skewer (depending on a kind of meat);
a rent of the conference hall (max 100 places) with equipment – from 1500 Rub/h;
coffee-break in a conference hall or in a dining room –  from 100 Rub/person;
alcohol (alcohol drinks may be brought yourself or you can buy them in our bar);
Internet access – 150 Rub/h;
 the meals of the banquet menu ;

– water activities, towage by a boat: 150-250 Rub/5-10 min;
– voyages on a boat (above 30 minutes included in the price every day ) – 1000-3000 Rub/h (depends on the model of a boat),
 – snowmobile tours («Yamaha») – 2000 Rub/h snowmobile;

Arriving with own snowmobiles is prohibited.

For the trips from the 31st of December to the 3rd of January a banquet, alcohol and Russian Bathes are included in the basic program.

We offer you to learn some traditions of life in the “Russian House”.

1. Checking in time is 12,00. Checking out – 13,30.
If these regulations do not suit you, the time of arrival and departure may be chosen at the reception individually. If the paid time of accommodation is over and new guests arrived to check in into the rooms, occupied by you, the time of your checking out can not be changed.

2. The receptionist shows you the rooms. If the guest is satisfied by the offered rooms – he pays for them. After payment the guests can accommodate in their rooms, have meals and participate in activities offered by the “Russian House”. The guest must inform the receptionist about all fault conditions of his room during a hour after accommodation.

3. The guests have full freedom of choosing entertainments and their order.
An exact timetable of activities is absent. The “Russian House” guarantees that you will have an opportunity to take part in all activities.
The guests may express their wishes to the administration and it will take them into account.
You must sign up
in a special journal beforehand to visit Russian bath (you can find this journal at the reception or in the kitchen of the Ship).

4. Every company can have a voyage to the island in the Ob River ONCE. It is extra-paid.

5. The program of entertainment may be corrected by the host according to objective reasons.

6. The guest is informed that the “Russian House” does not offer dainty cuisine. The guests are treated with traditional fresh, tasty and nutritious home-made food.
The guest must not require an individual ration from the cooks but they can take your wishes into account if it is possible. If the guest pays for a banquet menu – it is discussed with an administrator overhead.

7. The guest must follow safety rules and sign the lists including them in time. Otherwise the guest is responsible for negative consequences. The guests may obtain the document of voluntary medical insurance for a case of accident.

8. The guests must be polite.

9. A lot of people live in the “Russian House” besides you. All the facilities are shared.

10. You can have loudly activities only from 8:00 to 23:00.

11. The guests must keep the territory clean.

12. The guest must follow fire-prevention rules. Using of your own electric heating devices id prohibited (besides ones, those are given by the “Russian House”).

13. You can smoke only in special places! The majority of the buildings are wooden!!!

14. The guests are obligated to make fire and burn fireworks only in special places for it.
All violations are shot by video cameras.

15. The guests who do not follow fire-preventing rules are evicted immediately! People who do not keep silence from 23.00 to 08.00 and pollute the environment are noticed, after the second notice – evicted.

16. The guest must save the property, equipment and machines of the “Russian House”. If the guest spoils any property of the “Russian House”, he is obligated to compensate it’s value in the amount set by the administrator. If the guest spoils any property of other guests and staff – the compensation will be set in line with the law of Russian Federation. The administration is obligated to call the police if it is necessary.

17. In case of violations of the rules the administration can refuse in a package tour for that person further.

18. The “Russian House” is irresponsible for safety of private property of the guests those was not handed in for storage at the reception.

19. While checking out the guest must hand over his room and it’s key to the administrator personally.