The “Russian House” – the centre of tourism in Siberia

Here you can find additional information about one of the most famous tourism attractions of Siberia – a big tourist centre “Russian House” in Altai.


Our housekeeping

Our farm

Firstly, we, Russian people, who were born here, have to cultivate this land. Secondly, we got tired from buying meat and dairy products of unknown origin. One day we made a decision to eat and treat our guests only with products of our own farm, where we keep 500 sheep, 50 cows, a dozen of goats to provide tourists fresh goat milk every day. In summer of 2014 we got geese and ducks, those grow in ecologically friendly environment – in the pond of “Petrovsky Posad”.

This year we have collected our first harvest of oat! The seeds of winter rye are also sown…

Presently, our cattle is provided nutritious rye food. We never add chemical or natural growth stimulators to our animals’ food. These additions influence badly on the quality of milk and meat.

We make farm and soft blankets from sheep’s wool. These blankets are used in tourists’ rooms. You can also order such a blanket and bring it home like a souvenir from far Siberia!

Everyone can have a guided tour to our farm, ask our receptionists for details.

Love and care

Hunting is banned in the “Russian House”! We do not accommodate hunters even for a night. We also do not accept poaching fishing. We can let our guests sit on the bank of the river with bait – not for benefit, just for entertainment. We do not buy fish of species rated as endangered ones. We do not pick berries and fungi for sale; we do not destroy local forests.

All buildings of the “Russian House” are made from natural materials, from wood. We do not build houses from valuable kinds of wood. We use the wood from places those are not used by wood industry. Generally, these places are damaged by forest fires. We just collect everything usable that left there and build houses for tourists from it. Moreover, we do not carve beams for building. We suppose that every unplanned beam has it’s own “face” and we ought to save it. It is very pleasant to touch a warm, uneven, natural surface of a beam! During the building of the “Russian House” we aimed to save as more trees and bushes as possible. That’s why you can see wide variety of kinds of trees: Russian birches, ashes, aspens, bird cherries and so on. Besides, we have planted a couple of dozens of fir trees those do not grow naturally in Altai forests. We never cut trees for fireplaces. We just gather sank wood from the river, dry it and use as a kind of fuel.

We always try to renew our automobiles and other household machines to cut down pollution of the environment. We also have a couple of fire engines those are always on guard and are kept ready 24 hours a day to liquidate fire with lightning speed.

In winter we feed wild animals those need extra food in February and March, when after a long winter the food reserves are drained in forests.

We clean the bottom of Chumysh river from sank food from May to October annually. It helps to keep the river clean, transparent; it prevents rooting of water and death of fish and provides free movement of ice in spring.

All described works are done voluntarily and they are not financed by anybody. We ought to take care of our Motherland, of our home, of our nature to hand it down safe to the next generations!

The Own Earth

In August of 2014 Nikita Mikhalkov’s film group arrived to the “Russian House”. A part of the film “The Own Earth” was devoted to the “Russian House” and it’s owner – Sergei Chekulaev.

You can watch the full version of the film here: