The best vacations in Russia, in Siberia, in Altai

Russia becomes more and more touristy from year to year.
You can see a large number of various Russian travel companies’ advertisements everywhere: in the Internet, in underground, on billboards, in newspapers and magazines and in other types of mass media.

Tourists do not know where to look first! Everybody will find something interesting exactly for himself.

By the reason of geographical location, the climate and features of Russian mentality, adventure and activity holidays dominate in the spectra of Russian types of tourism.

A great amount of natural and historical tourist attractions gave a stimulus for development of active tourism in Siberia: rafting, horse-riding, trekking, mountain cycling, jeep tours, mountain skiing etc. More and more people desire to watch fantastic and breathtaking mountain views and take fantastic photographs of them, to see a beauty of waterfalls, canyons; to raft on a mountain river, to participate in horse-riding tours…

pic_corp01The “Russian House” provides nearly everything listed above. The guests of our tourist centre have an opportunity to take part in large number of national Russian active and adventurous entertainments.

More detailed information about all of them can be found in the pages of this section.