Snowy entertainment program

Siberian winter in Altai lasts five months – from early November through late April. The prominent features of Siberian winter are big snow and frosts (average day temperatures in winter are 18-23 below zero). People who visited Altai in winter say they had never seen such a REAL winter, as the Altai winter, which sets in earlier than anywhere else in the world, feels like a New Year fairytale!

Altai nature in winter is a peculiar beauty of the whitest snow, crispy air and vast Siberian expanses open for everyone!

RDwinter02Snowmobile rental

action01It is an inalienable part of winter entertainment program of the “Russian House”. Nothing can be compared with a snowmobile tour in winter forest! Experienced drivers know every forest path here and may show you the most wonderful places of this area. It is very difficult to see it while travelling by car. Snowmobiles Yamaha VK 540 III are for rent there. All snowmobile trips take place only with accompaniment of our instructor driving on another snowmobile next to yours.
Attention, please! Arriving with your private snowmobiles is BANNED!
The reason: strange snowmobiles may turn up at the route and cause an accident. They can also scare horses that take the guests for various destinations.
Persons in condition of alcoholic intoxication are not admitted to snowmobile driving.

Riding in snowmobile sleighs

action23These sleighs are pulled by powerful snowmobiles. Every sleigh is for 8-12 people. Our guests have tours along our brightest nature sights by these sleighs. Opened snowmobile sleigh lets look at surrounding spaces widely and sense the speed of “flying”. A closed one is irreplaceable in case of bitter frosts and for long-distance travelling. You may make a halt, burn a fire and have a picnic in the place you like most.

Skating on the lighted ice rink

action02We offer skates of from 32 to 45 sizes for rent. The ice rink is lighted by 00.00. This winter activity is usually available from the beginning of December till the middle of March, because the ice rink is situated outdoor and it needs a stable below-zero temperature.

*Russian sizes are mentioned

Snow tubing

action03It is an all-time favorite entertainment of both children and adults. The snow hill is quite not low and it is rather not boring to go down from it. The hill is equipped with lift for equipment.


Cross-country skiing

action04Rent of cross-country skies and boots (36-45 sizes) is available. It is a great pleasure to go skiing to a forest after a good breakfast or lunch and warm in the Russian Bath after return!


Horseriding program

action05Horse-riding on a horseback, in sleighs harnessed with a horse and also “Russian Troika” is offered to the guests of the “Russian House”. The horse-riding is organized on the Glade of Russian Fairy tales. The routs to the Christmas tree, to the bank of Chumysh River and through the forest are laid. Real mutton coats are offered to warm yourself in sharp frosts.
The “Russian House” hosts a big stable; the guests are accompanied by skillful instructors during all horse-riding tours.

Attention, please!  People in condition of alcoholic intoxication are not admitted to horse-riding.

Riding on the reindeer for children under 5

action06In winter we offer reindeer riding for small children (on the back of the reindeer or in a carriage). The reindeer was brought there from Evenkia. It is a very interesting entertainment, because reindeer do not live in Altai area. Everybody may take photos of it…


 Russian Bathes

action08The “Russian House” hosts two main Russian Bathes: the Bath on the territory of the tourist centre (max 12 people) and a floating one on Chumysh River with an ice-hole (max 6 people). There are also several Russian bathes available while special programs: The Bath of Fedorovna, The Bath on the Burial Mound etc.
All the Russian Bather are heated by firewood stoves.

Discos on the forest boarder

action09In winter the discos are set in the hall of the dining room – in the passengers’ lounge of the ship “Love”. The merrymakings also take place in the Glade of Russian Fairy Tales, Next to a real Hut on Hen’s Legs from the 1st of December to the 1st of April annually. The Christmas tree is decorated there (everything shines with garlands, the music is played, the guests sing and dance…)

Dear guests! The complex meal is offered to help you enjoy your holiday in Altai as much as possible.
… And also accommodation in the rooms of various qualities.

Pay attention! Read this page to learn, what of the activities are included in the price and what are paid additionally.

Welcome to the “Russian House” and the magic Siberian winter!