Snowmobile tours in Altai

Snowmobile tourism is one of the most highly-developed specializations of winter travelling in Siberia. Guided snowmobile tours have a great potential in Altai area.

Such tours have a great emotional effect: high speed, bright and cold shining of Siberian sun, white snow, snow-white mountains, cool wind, winter forests… What can be more exiting?

A snowmobile is a special vehicle that does not need roads. Snowmobiles are iron wings that allow tireless travelers and adventurers to spend several months a year soaring across snowy fields…

Snowmobiles are an integral part of the winter program in the “Russian House “. Snowmobiles are used:

– to drive visitors to the bathhouse with an ice-hole on the river,

– to pull sledges to the New Year tree site in the forest,

– to solve a great number of working tasks.

We oppose the use of snowmobiles for hunting and poaching! We believe progress should be made for the sake of life, not for the sake of death. We use snowmobiles for a worthier purpose of giving people joy!!!

Nothing can compare with a snowmobile ride through a winter forest! Experienced drivers know all forest tracks and can show you the most beautiful sites.

A snowmobile will take you to places that you can’t otherwise access either in summer or in winter! You will see the blue glass-like surface of ice-bound rivers, the forest and fields buried in snow. And you will watch the sunset from the top of a white hill!.. It is much more difficult to see all this beauty while travelling by car.

The “Russian House” hosts a big snowmobile rental, where you can hire a snowmobile for your winter adventure.

In the 2015-2016 winter season powerful Japanese snowmobiles Yamaha VK are there for guests to hire at the “Russian House”. Our guests are accompanied by skilled snowmobile driver instructors.

Two- and three-day snowmobile tours will be organized for large groups of extreme sports enthusiasts. These will be fully equipped snowmobile tours along interesting routes, which will offer every participant an unforgettable adventure!..

Decide how much drive you want!..