Siberia, Altai – the regions of developing tourism in Russia

Siberia is a large part of Eurasia, bordered by the Ural mountains in the West, by the Arctic ocean in the North, by the Far-Eastern regions in the East and by Middle Asia in the South.

When we say “Siberia” we firstly remember full-flowing rivers – Ob, Yenisei, Irtysh and Angara; the deepest lake Baikal; the richest oilfields; gold and silver mines; rare species of animals and birds like snow leopard and eagle; unique types of plants; big variety of berries and fungi; frosty and snowy winters; endless forests (taiga); wide virgin landscapes.

Siberia is famous for it’s harsh climate. The middle temperature of Siberian winter is 20 degrees below zero and in summer temperature varies from 10 to 35 degrees above zero. Perceptible temperature drops are typical to this area. This fact has a great impact on people’s life in Siberia. By this reason most of Siberian population so got used to frosts and hot weather that they can easily do their daily activities irrespective of the temperature outside. That’s why Siberian people are very healthy and sound. Summer in Siberia is much shorter than in the European part of Russia: it lasts just from the end of June to the middle of august. But nevertheless local people manage to have rich harvest of wheat, potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers; even melons and watermelons successfully every year!

The history of Siberia

Russian people, who lived on the European part of Russia before had been taking a keen interest in the question of unexplored land locating behind the Ural mountains.

One day, in 1581 at the instance of Russian Tsar Ivan the Fourth, Cossack chieftain Ermak with his army got over the Ural mountains and conquered Siberia.

The first explorers of Siberia were totally amazed by the enormous amount of various game, wood and virgin spaces. It was clear: this area will become a larder of Russia. The greatest Russian scientist Lomonosov said later: “Russian power will grow on account of Siberia”, it was absolute true.

Actually, a lot of Russian towns appeared in Siberia soon: Tyumen, Tomsk, Omsk, Surgut, Novonikolaevsk (Novosibirsk now), Barnaul, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk etc. These towns specialized on extraction of oil, coal and ores. Siberia was used as a big prison by Russian government for a long time as well. Everybody, who were out of the ruler’s favour was exiled to Siberia. Very few real criminals were amidst great number of people, who were forcedly sent to the analog of the American Wild West locating in the Eastern part of the Russian Empire, The USSR later. A lot of aducated, clever, noble, honest, talented people of our country were exiled to this area: Lenin, Decembrists (the leaders of the armed revolt in 1825 in Saint-Petersburg), Chumakov (a talented doctor, who invented encephalitis and poliomyelitis vaccines) and other advanced persons.

Scientists went there to make their researches.

Some fearless people ran away to Siberia to find better life and freedom there.

Everybody, who turned up in Siberia, as fate has willed, led housekeeping, built towns, plants, roads; cultivated virgin lands…

The years and centuries rolled by…

Nowadays Siberia is highly-developed area, where all achievements of civilization exist: modern railways, international airports, huge hydropower stations, hospitals with up-to-date equipment; hotels, sanatoriums, ski resorts. Big cities of the Western Siberia like Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg are full of historical places of interest and other wonderful sigths.

Nowadays Siberia becomes more and more attractive for tourists and it is not amazing: this area is really worth visiting!

Altai region is extremely popular among tourists. It wins hearts of tourists with it’s resorts of various direction: luxury hotels, winter sport resorts, campsites… The “Russian House” is one of the main tourist destinations in Altai where everyone came find an ideal combination of comfort and adventure!

If somebody has not ever been to Siberia, he will lie if he says: “I have seen Russia” because Siberia is the heart of Russia. Come there and you will ensure this yourself!