Safety of Travel & Tours of Russia, advantages of them

Everyone knows that Russia is a big country with great history and rich culture. We are happy to know, that you got interested in our native land and decided to become acquainted with it.
More and more foreigners decide to go to various Russian tourists’ destination. It is not amazing, because Russia is very interesting country.

Everyone knows that Russia is a big country with great history and rich culture. We are happy to know, that you got interested in our native land and decided to become acquainted with it.

More and more foreigners decide to go to various Russian tourists’ destination. It is not amazing, because Russia is very interesting country.

Is it safe to travel to Russia?

We should like to tell you about safety of travel to Russia. This question is very important for the majority of foreigners, that’s why we will try to throw light upon this subject.

We suppose that the root of the problem is that Russia is a very mysterious and extraordinary country. It is not like any other European and Asian countries. Russian originality is caused by it’s quite not easy historical process. In XIII-XV centuries A.C. Russia was conquered by Tatar Khans, by this reason Russian people’s lives have changed dramatically; two cultures: Russian, Slavonic, and Tatar, Asian, got mixed. A historical oxymoron took place, if the expression may be tolerated. In the XVIII century with help of the greatest Russian emperors – Peter the First and Ekaterina the Second, Russia and Europe got to know each other: Russia learnt scientific and economical achievements of Europe, and European countries learnt, what Russia is like. Meeting with Europe was an important step of our country’s development; Russian people’s life changed again and acquired a lot of traits of The Western Europe. In the XX Russia experienced a real shock: it became the first country in the world that was based on the theory of Karl Marx – the USSR has appeared. This fact was hard to take in for every European person who got used to live in capitalistic society. It was unthinkable for western people the majority of whom became victims of anti-Soviet political propaganda that increased the described problem. The Soviet Union was a closed country for 70 years! It added mystery to Russia’s image. This generated a lot of discrepant rumours about our country. It was another period that made our country so different from others. Some foreigners can hardly belive that a country can be so big and this fact scares foreign people rather more. Yes, every Russian tsar handed down a larger territory than he got after the previous ruler. But the enormous size does not mean that the country is dangerous at all! It is just an evidence of the variety of life styles, landscapes and unexampled freedom! Today Russia is an opened democratic country that helps Russian people find contact with foreigners and travel abroad. This case helps Russia develop faster.

Every mysterious thing seems dangerous to people, this is the principle of human psychology. Really if you are going to Russia for travelling you may be sure that you are not more in jeopardy than if you go to Paris or New York, because you are surrounded by people who have much common with you and people living in the two mentioned places. For example: Russian people like to sing and play musical instruments like the piano and the guitar. It is hard to find a Russian person who has never gone in for music or vocal classes. Another instance: sport is one of the favorite Russian entertainments. If you come to a yard of a Russian block of flats in a city or a cottage in a village, you will surely see people of different age playing football, volleyball or basketball together with enthusiasm. Russians are real gourmets; we like to eat a lot of tasty food. A varied and lavish menu is an important part of our lives. Russians like to travel a lot: the population of Russia is constantly on move – business trips abroad or from one border of the country to another one, family travelling, camping… Russia is a country of tourists preferring all kinds of trips, journeys and voyages.

But Russia has it’s own specific customs and traditions. We suppose, you will find some Russian realities odd and irrational and you will be right. Even Russian people often say: “The mind can not understand Russia”. It’s true, Russia can not be understood; it can just be sensed.

Why exactly Russia?

Here you can find the main reasons to choose exactly Russia as a place, where you are going to spend your vacation.

Firstly, of course, wonderful Russian nature must be mentioned. Nowhere else you can see such a variety of sceneries: Karelian birch forests with countless lakes, prairies of the Don area, Caucasian peaks – Kazbek and Elbrus, the Valley of geysers in Kamchatka, Siberian taiga, amazing Ural Mountains and various other mind-blowing views…

Secondly, if you come to Russia in December, January or February you will have a great opportunity to learn, what means “Russian winter”. Western people people consider, that Russian winter is very frosty. It is right, but the frost will be compensated by the warmness of socializing with local people who are very cheerful and hearty. By the way, have you ever heard that Russian girls are one of the most beautiful in the world? Come to Russia and verify! ;)

Thirdly, only in Russia you can taste dishes of real traditional Russian cuisine: pancakes with caviar and sour cream; apple pies; “borsch” and “shi” (two types of traditional Russian cabbage soup. What is the difference? You will l certainly learn it during your Russian travel ;-) ); frozen and sliced meat or fish (“stroganina”). Drink 100g of famous Russian vodka or, if you are against strong alcoholic drinks, you can confine yourself by traditional Russian brew, that is indispensable drink on a hot summer day. If you come to Russia, you should taste apples growing there. They are quite different from the apples sold in the supermarkets of Europe and The USA. All types of Russian apples have their own unrepeatable taste and flavor. Not without reason Russia is called as “apple kingdom”.

In the fourth, visiting Russia is a great chance to discover a lot of new information about architecture styles yourself. Russian architecture of all times is so peculiar that you can be sure that you have never seen anything like Russian buildings before.

In the fifth, have you ever heard anything about traditional Russian bath (“Russian banya”)? It is one of the favorite national Russian activities. Every cottage in Russia has it’s own banya. Russian people go to banyas to have a shower, to warm after walking when the weather is cold, to meet friends, to communicate with people and even celebrate such important holidays like Birthday or New Year! If you are planning a tour in Russia, banya must become one of the most important items of your holiday program! “The Russian House” generously provide this kind of entertainment to all guests of the tourist centre.

In the sixth, Russia has rich literature history. It is a native land of such famous writers and poets as Pushkin, Gogol, Lermontov, Turgenev, Ostrovsky, Tolstoy, Zhukovsky… The greatest literature works like “And Quiet Flows the Don”, “War and Peace”, “Doctor Zhivago” were originally written in Russian. For the word, Russian is the most complicated language in the world! Visit Russia and get a chance to learn a couple of phrases in Russian.

And finally, if you want to stay out of the bitten track in choosing a place for holiday, Russia is perfect for you!

Russia is a unique country: only there you can find such an amazing combination: European tenacity and Asian sense of harmony. It is worth seeing!

We hope you will come to Russia and explore it to yourself and it is possible that our country will become one of your favorite countries.