1. Reductions for children:

Children of the age under 3 years relax in the “Russian House” FREE!
– Rest of children of the age from 3 to 6 years is paid for 75 percent;
– Rest of children of the age from 7 to 14 years is paid for 50 percent.

2. Annual reductions of the “low” season: 

From September to November and from April to May (10-25% reduction for “all inclusive” rest);

3. Discounts for workdays of “high” season

~10-15% reduction depending on quality of the room;

4. Longer than 5-day rest reductions

ALL days are paid by the price of a workday;

5. An additional discount for longer than 6-day rest – 5%.

6. Individual discounts for longer than 10-day rest

The discounts are fixed during booking;

7. Special corporative programs according to your wishes.

The discounts depend on the accommodation, type of meals and entertainment program.

Contact the reception for details: