Other all year around entertainments

Celebrations and festivals

When and what do people celebrate? State and official celebrations exist… But our personal and family celebrations are much more important for ourselves. It may be a birth of our child, a meeting with classmates with whom you have common past, wedding anniversary or jubilee…
This date is always very important for the person, for the couple, for the family. That’s why it is important to choose a right place for celebration to make it successful and unforgettable.

If you suppose that the celebration should take place out of town, on the fresh air, with rich Russian table and adventure activities – banya and horse-riding; if you do not want to comply with a dress code and do to an expensive restaurant and you always long for nature – the “Russian House” welcomes you!

Main banquet halls of the “Russian House”:

– passengers’ lounge in the ship “Love” up to 100 people – the main banquet hall;
 fireplace hall «Crystal» – up to 100 people – a reserve banquet hall;
 the small fireplace hall up to 35 people;
 a dining room in «Petrovski Posad»  – up to 200 people (available during a guided tour).
Pay attention! It is not necessary to occupy the whole hall – the “Russian House” sets banquets for groups from 2 to 200 people!

Open spaces for “barbecue celebrations”:

– a rest on the floating  landing stage (a big pontoon barge with a closed and an opened decks, locating on the bank of Chumysh river), where picnics an discos take place;
 the opened deck of the sip “Love”it is the highest point of the “Russian House”; you can watch a breathtaking view on the outskirts; there are tents – in case of bad weather; discos and stand-up meal are set there;
 The glade of Russian fairy tales – a forest border next to or inside of a real ” Hut on chicken legs” (one of the attributes of Russian Fairy tales) – picnics are set there too (the guests can use our barbecue to make kebab themselves); from the 1st of December to the 1st of April the Christmas Tree is decorated and the music is played there.

RDwinter02Banquet menu:

Our assortment of banquet dishes gives the guests an opportunity to arrange the menu for their celebration individually. You may either add some banquet dishes to everyday menu or arrange it only from banquet dishes.

We offer to read the new banquet menu here.

Pay attention! There is a rule: the banquet menu must be ordered at the reception beforehand.

Are you wedding soon? Celebrate your marriage in a Fairytale!

If you want to asset your celebration surrounded by malachite pines, golden fields, blue lakes, listen birds’ singing – arrive to the “Russian House”! And the wind will whisper you:

With warmest wishes
for the best in life
as you both look forward
to a shared future
of love, friendship,
and the wonderful closeness
that is marriage”.

Conference hall

We offer our conference hall for such actions as: seminars, conferences, trainings, business-meetings etc.

The cofort capacity of each of the conference halls is 100 persons but a less numer of people can occupy it.
The conference halls have all required equipment: chairs, benches, tables, blackboards for magnets and mark pens, flipchart, a big screen, video projector, a laptop, an audio centre.

It must be mentioned that all conference halls are nice rooms with wooden furniture, golden curtains, crystal chandelier and sconce and also with a fireplace.

The price of rent of the confernse hall is 1500 Rub/h.

Coffee-breaks are available (tea, coffee, sandwiches) – 100 Rub for a single person.

The reserve halls are used if a one conference hall is not enough:

– the small conference-hall – up to 35 people – a reserve hall;
 a hall with a grand piano in the ship “Love” – up to 35 people – a reserve hall;
 premises of a bar in the ship “Love”  – up to 25 people – a reserve hall;
 premises of billiard in the ship “Love” – up to 25 people – a reserve hall;

Dear guests! Our program of entertainments is also available for corporative guests too. We also have exclusive corporative programs.

The price of corporative rest depends on the number of entertainments, the time length, the menu and so on.

You may calculate your rest by telephone (contact our reception); you also may send us an e-mail message with your questions.