Individual or collective holiday?

What is better: rest with a company or individual holiday? It is quite subjective. We will try to help you with this choice

Collective holiday:

Vacation in Altai for children:

The “Russian House” accommodates groups of children with accompanying persons. Summer camps, training clubs, sports classes and short trips are organized by the administration of the “Russian House”. You can also have a school-leaving party there.

A special program of the vacation is made individually; the price depends on provided kinds of entertainment and the number of meals during a day. Children trips in spring and autumn are the cheapest.

Pay attention! The “Russian House” does not accept children trips without accompanying persons (adults).

We have been organizing free guided tours for pupils for many years!

If you want to have an unforgettable journey to the “Russian House” with a group of children, contact our reception for details.

posad021. A guided tour to «Petrovsky Posad»

It is a trip for the guests of The “Russian House” to the most wonderful place of Altai region – to a historical burial mound, where a substantial lunch, songs, dancing to the accordion, sitting by the fire of the Russian stove (a kind of a fireplace). Outdoor activities and Russian bath next to the lake (in winter – the Russian bath with an ice hole) are available.
More detailed description of the guided tour you can find here <…>.
The price of a guided tour to «Petrovsky Posad» is 1000 Rub/person.
The tour is hold if an enough number of people were gathered.

emelya022. «A trip to Emelya’s Hut»

It is a new unique and absolutely out-standing kind of entertainment in The “Russian House”.

«Journey to the bright past» is a time travel for the guests of The “Russian House”: an exotic trip to Emelya’s Hut (he is a hero of Russian folklore) with a great number of surprises for the guests.
More detailed description of the tour you can find here <…>.
The price of a «Journey to the bright past» is 1000 Rub/person.
The tour is hold if an enough number of people were gathered.

Corporative trips with your colleagues:

We offer two types of corporative trips: “work+rest” and “rest+rest”. We make and individual plan of a trip and menu.

For further information you can contact our reception or send us an e-mail.

In 2014 capacity of the “Russian House” was increased, new houses and facilities were built and now we have an opportunity:
– to accommodate guests with residence – up to 165 people in winter (in summer – up to 175 people);
– to receive guests without residence (corporative parties, banquets) – up to 300 people.
A corporative trip to the “Russian House” will be appropriate for a small and a big company of collegues.

corporativCorporative programs:

– «work+rest»

It is a variant for journeys based on an official part – seminar, conference, business meeting, training etc those are set in our conference halls. Parties, picnics, adventure activities are offered for leisure time. A program of spending time and menu are chosen individually.

– «rest+rest»

It is a variant of a full-value corporative rest according to the program “all inclusive”. A program of spending time and menu are chosen individually.

Conference halls:

– the big conference hallup to 100 people – the main conference hall having all need equipment for conferences;
 the small conference-hallup to 35 people – a reserve hall;
 a hall with a grand piano in the ship “Love” – up to 35 people – a reserve hall;
 premises of a bar in the ship “Love”  – up to 25 people – a reserve hall;

 premises of billiard in the ship “Love” – up to 25 people – a reserve hall;

The reserve halls are used if a one conference hall is not enough.

Coffee- breaks are available in a conference hall.

Banquet halls for an unofficial part of a program:

– passengers’ lounge in the ship “Love” up to 100 people – the main banquet hall;
 fireplace hall «Crystal» up to 100 people – a reserve banquet hall;
 the small fireplace hall up to 35 people;
 a dining room in «Petrovski Posad»  – up to 200 people (available during a guided tour).

Open spaces for “barbecue-meetings”:

– a rest on the floating  landing stage (a big pontoon barge with a closed and an opened decks, locating on the bank of Chumysh river), where picnics an discos take place;
 the opened deck of the sip “Love”it is the highest point of the “Russian House”; you can watch a breathtaking view on the outskirts; there are tents – in case of bad weather; discos and stand-up meal are set there;
 The glade of Russian fairy tales – a forest border next to or inside of a real ” Hut on chicken legs” (one of the attributes of Russian Fairy tales) – picnics are set there too (the guests can use our barbecue to make kebab themselves); from the 1st of December to the 1st of April the Christmas Tree is decorated and the music is played there.

We offer to read the banquet menu here.


The season program of entertainment is offered, and the special one (guided tours). The details are on our website. On Sunday evenings concerts with live music and discos are stet in the passengers’ lounge in the ship “Love”. The administration can also call artists and musicians on every day to make your party absolutely unforgettable.


The “Russian House” collaborates with transport companies to take our guests to the tourist centre.

The guarantee of success celebration is a mood of a company coming for a rest. Watch this video and learn how to spend time creatively in the “Russian House” (created by our guests):

Individual holiday:

Family holiday:

The “Russian House” is a perfect place for a family vacation because family, home, succession of generations and healthy lifestyle are the base of Russian life. We know that it is difficult to find something better than a laugh and happiness of children. Your children will be totally exited by the “Russian House”!!!

Children are extremely satisfied by:

– the ship “Love” with it’s captain, masts, sails and a steering wheel;
a “living” «Hut on chicken legs» and her hostess – Baba Yaga :);
 «The glade of Russian fairy tales», where Brigand, Koschei the Deathless, a wood goblin, clever Cat and a beautiful Mermaid live…
– Children with parents can have a guided tour to our farm locating in the “tale” of the “Fish”: to meet with village craft, if you want, you may be taught to milk cows and goats… You can see and feed domestic animals there: horses, cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, hens, chickens and geese. Reindeer also live there!

Pay attention! The time of visiting a farm is set by the administration.

An open-air playground for children is also available.

Dear Guests! If you have an opportunity to visit the “Russian House” on workdays, it will be a perfect variant for a rest with children, because there are less guests on our tourist centre on workdays than on weekends.

There are reductions for a rest on workdays.

Reductions for little guests:

Children of the age under 3 years relax in the “Russian House” FREE!
– Rest of children of the age from 3 to 6 years is paid for 75 percent;
– Rest of children of the age from 7 to 14 years is paid for 50 percent.

There you can watch a video about rest with children in the “Russian House” shoot by our guests:

It is important to spend vacations exactly on the fresh air. The “Russian House” is located far away from big cities and roads, that’s why the rest there is spent in clear environment. A clear river with sand beach in summer and an ice-rink, snow hills, skis in winter are for you!

It is fine to have a stroll with family in a forest to listen to silence and nature sounds… You can meet the first birds just returned from the South in spring; in summer you can see a big variety of animals there. In winter you can pretend that you are a real path finder and guess, who has gust ran here by the steps left on the snow…

It is clear, that children like horses very much, that’s why we develop the horse-riding program constantly. Horse riding is available all year around. In winter we drive our guests in the “Russian Troyka”. Real mutton coats are handed out to the guests to keep warm. If you can not drive a horse yourself, you may use a help of an instructor.

Qualitative meals are very important for a family vacation. The cooks of the “Russian House” fork two shifts to serve our guests’ tables with fresh and nutritious food. At least 50% of our food is made of the products of our farm and greenhouses.

A tour of a workday:

What is the difference between a rest on weekends and on workdays? A rest on workdays is more individual and tranquil rest. If you arrive to the “Russian House” on a workday it will look like everything is only for you!

Dear Guests! On weekend the “Russian House” is overloaded with guests (different people from everywhere).
If you are searching for a quiet and more individual rest with your family and nearest and dearest people in romantic and silence – choose o workday rest exactly.

The days considered as “workdays” are: from 13.30 of Sunday to 12.00 of Friday.

Pay attention! There is no difference between the amount of entertainments on weekends and workdays. Everything published on our website is available every day.

There is a bidder number of free rooms to choose the most suitable for you.
A single accommodation in double and triple rooms and double accommodation in triple rooms of the first class without extra payment for unoccupied seats is possible on workdays.

The price of «all inclusive» rest on workdays is lower than on weekends.