In a fairy tale

The “Russian House” was designed by a Man Magician. Most elements of its exterior and interior and entertainment programs were inspired by Russian fairy tales. Indeed, the “Russian House” was built to a hearty, light, fantastic design. Our guests are invited to forget about reality and their mundane problems and simply believe in miracles … 

The ship “Love”:

Russian people have always associated ships with heroic feats, long travels, partings and meetings and the achievement of cherished goals and dreams. The most famous Russian folk tale about a magic ship is “The Flying Ship”.

The ship “Love” with white sails “starts” it’s “voyage” straight from the forest. The sky id our “direction”! The ship “Love” is a dream came true! It is a result of a fairy tale writer’s and a romanticist’s fantasy and also his creation! If you are a dreamer and adventure is your passion – we invite you to the “Love” ship’s side!

shiprdThe Love ship is the “heart” of the “Russian House” and the centre of all events. There is a large banquet hall for friendly parties, called messroom, a kitchen for cooks, called galley, a bar, a billiards room and a disco zone on the lower deck of the Love ship. The rooms-cabins for guests are situated on the main deck of the Ship.

In the messroom you will be met by the Captain, and a hospitable waitress will invite you to table – and then you can have a feast with drinks, watch performances by touring artists, dance on the boat deck, or sing songs to the guitar till sunrise… You will see sea waves in the windows and feel ship motions … It is incredible! It is impossible! … It is possible!!!

You may go to the grotto bar for a chat with your friends where a wide variety of spirits and soft drinks will be offered to you, or play a game of billiards.

The glade of Russian fairy tales:

On seashore far a green oak towers,
And to it with a gold chain bound,
A learned cat whiles away the hours
By walking slowly round and round.
To right he walks, and sings a ditty;
To left he walks, and tells a tale…

A strange place! There a mermaid sits in
A tree; there prowls a sprite; on trails
Unknown to man move beasts unseen by
His eyes; there stands on chicken feet,
Without a door or e’en a window,
A tiny hut, a hag’s retreat.
(an extract from the poem “Ruslan and Ludmila”, Alexander Pushkin)


jagaAnother miracle that awaits you in the “Russian House” is the “Hut on Hen’s Legs” (in Russian folklore, the house of Baba-Yaga, a witch-like character of many Russian fairy tales, such as “Morozko”, “Vasilissa the Beautiful”, “The Magic Swan Geese”, etc.). The legendary characters of Russian fairy tales – the Smart Cat, Nightingale the Robber, Koshchei the Deathless, the Leshy and the Mermaid – keep an eye on the Hut. If you ask properly, the “Hut on Hen’s Legs” will turn “its back to the forest, and its front to you.” Baba-Yaga will invite the guests she will like most into the Hut for a cup of tea … 

In frosty winter the guests always may warm themselves by the fire of the Russian fireplace in the Hut… The Christmas tree is decorated on the Glade annually on the 1st of December, celebration of New Year starts and it lasts until the snow melts, until the 1st of April…

Horse-riding is available in the “Glade of Russian fairy tales”; the routes of horse-drawn phaetons and sleighs start there.

Picnics are set there all year around. The tables, benches, summerhouses locating there are always for you! You may use a barbecue to cook kebab yourself and also you can order it!


Wonderful whale:

One day in winter a miracle took place in the “Russian House” again! A fish was coughed in the host’s net! And it was not just a fish. It was a big fish, a wonderful whale!.. The Whale does not swim far away anymore – it likes to live in the “Russian House”! It goes around the ship “Love” and guards it against!

The farm of the “Russian House” is located inside of the fish, where poultry and livestock live in comfort. Our guests can have a permission of the administration and have a guided tour to the farm! Everybody was convinced that even a farm can have a fairy-tale look!

Furthermore, the ship “Love” does not “cross oceans” at random – his way is lighted by the lighthouse appeared on the ice rock! If you believe in miracles and search for them every day, you will certainly meet one of them one day! It is not the first or the last miracle took place in the “Russian House”… The most interesting is always ahead!..

Emelya’s Hut:

And finally yet another major miracle of the “Russian House” is an old Russian log house with a Russian stove and Emelya with the Pike (the main characters of the eponymous Russian folk tale), sitting on it. The Hut is situated in the sick of the forest, far away from people…

emelyaYou will meet with the jovial Emelya and the Pike during a fascinating “Travel to the Happy Past”. Guests will be greeted by girls in traditional Russian dresses and treated with a nourishing dinner made in cast iron ware in a Russian stove.

The tables are breaking with food, served in clay dishes with wooden spoons, exactly like in ancient times in Russia… And after a meal everybody have a rest who in that much: sing songs, dancing to accordion, sitting by the fire, Russian bath…

The above mentioned is not all the magic which the “Russian House” has in store for you. We invite you to feel the miracle in the “Russian House”, we invite you to the Russian fairy tale!.. 

Are you fascinated? If you answer is YES, contact us.