Horse-riding tours in Altai

Horse-riding is a hobby of a lot of people around the globe and Russian people are not an exception.

That’s why different types of horse-riding are offered to the guests of the “Russian House” both in winter and in summer. Horse riding program is arranged at the “Glade of Russian fairy tales”. Horse-riding routs are laid to Chumysh River and through the forest also. Coachmen deliver our guests to the landing stage and to the Floating Russian Bath (and drive them back too).

Attention, please!  People in condition of alcoholic intoxication are not admitted to horse-riding.

Can you imagine anything better than a horse-riding trip in Altai Mountains, valleys, prairies and forests; when your hair wave in the wind, the horse is galloping under you while you enjoy virgin Siberian nature or a romantic ride with your loved in a traditional Russian carriage ?

Two variants of horse-riding are available in the “Russian House”: riding on horseback and more exotic one – riding in the Russian Troyka.

Troika” is a traditional Russian method of harnessing horses. It was invented in the 18th century for driving fast along great distances. 

The Russian troika is a unique horse driving combination. The shaft horse (the central horse) should trot fast, and the trace horses (sideway horses) should gallop. 

The galloping trace horses as if carry the trotting shaft horse, which makes all three horses less tired and capable of covering big distances without a rest. A Russian troika can gather a very high speed of up to 50 km/h. 

The Russian troika became widely popular in the first half of the 19th century. After a troika ride foreigners confessed unanimously that they had never driven faster! The Russian troika personifying both the greatness of Russian soul and vast Russian expanses became a symbol of Russia. 

Plentiful decorations are a major distinctive feature of the Russian troika. Horse collars were colourfully decorated, and the shaft bow, made of carved wood and hand painted, was an object of pride. Horse bells which have traditionally had two functions – to warn other riders and pedestrians that a horse was approaching and to please the ear – play an important role. 

The Russian troika was often mentioned in Russian literature, music, fine arts and folklore. Therefore both Russians and people the world over consider the Russian troika a major symbol of Russia. 

The Russian House invites you to take a Russian troika ride! Our guests put on warm sheepskin coats and take their seats in the sledge. Russian troikas are driven by experienced drivers who are skilled in horse keeping. Our guests are accompanied by an accordion player during the ride. You can listen to Russian folk songs and sing backup! We invite you to do some flying across bright white snow to the joyful sound of jingling bells, to feel the Russian spirit, bravado and freedom!. 

There are a lot of interesting routes across the most beautiful places. You will see the beauty of a Russian forest in winter and abundant Siberian snow. Our guests can warm themselves up by a big fire in a clearing in the forest where they can roast some bacon and drink a glass of vodka with pickles to go! That is the original national trademark and the taste of Siberia! 

Horses are stamping feet! Is everybody ready?… Off we go for a journey!