Active winter tourism in Russia, in Siberia, in Altai

action_winWhat can be more beautiful than Russian nature in winter? And winter tourism in Russia is popular among both Russian people and foreigners from all around the globe! Winter travel in Russia is a great variant for everybody searching for unforgettable adventures and looking for active winter vacations!

One of the most popular types of tourism in Siberia is skiing holiday. High-quality service and comfort provided by holiday companies of Russia will not leave anyone unpleased. Ski resorts of Siberia have everything to amaze even a worldly-wise fan of skiing.

The deepest lake in the world is the lake Baikal locating in the Eastern part of Siberia. By the way, it is famous for it’s tectonic features – the deepness of the lake increases constantly!  It is surrounded by high mountains covered by solid forests. There are a lot of islands in the lake; the largest one is Olkhon Island. Baikal is unrepeatable with it’s climatic features: there are much more sunny days than in Sochi are! The lake Baikal is a paradise for tourists who prefer active tourism.

If you are keen on travelling by car – it is just a piece of cake: Russia has everything required for auto tourism that becomes more and more popular lately.

Snowmobile trips in Altai become more and more popular from winter to winter. If you have no idea about your winter travel and want to try something extra ordinal, choose exactly Siberia and Altai: if you have even been to such famous snowmobile resorts as Iceland, Yellowstone and Maine, you will be pleasantly shocked by vast spaces, abundant sparkling snow and a wide variety of snowmobile touring routs blazed there.

The “Russian House” is one of the main Siberian centers of snowmobiling. Everyone will find a snowmobile program fit exactly for him: either you are a tyro or a sophisticated at snowmobile trips.

More detailed information about snowmobile programs may be found here.