Active tourism

Water activities in Altai

The main part of active holidays Russia is water entertainments, of course! The word “program” does not mean that all activities of the guests are programmed: the guests can choose any of offered type of active sport tourism in every order!

What do we offer? Chumysh is a full-flowing Siberian river having source in Kuznetsk Basin and mouth next to the “Russian House”.

There is 2-mile distance between the “Russian House” and the bank of the river. The guests may do this distance on foot, by car or bowl in a phaeton pulled by horses along!

The floating land stage of the “Russian House” is situated on the bank of Chumysh. This land stage is a pontoon construction with opened and closed decks. The pontoon land stage has severalfunctions:

 – outdoor picnics, feasts with fish soup, “shurpa” from mutton, hotherbal tea and cooling drinks are set on the floating land stage. (a stand-up meal for big groups of people may be set on the rocky bank of the river; you can watch a very picturesque view from there…);

 – if it is sunny, you may sunbathe, dive from the opened deck into the river and swim…;

 – the floating land stage is a moorage for all our boats;

 – our floating Russian Bath “drifts” next to the pontoons;

 – pontoon grounds for 30, 50 and 80 people are used for outdoor corporative parties (trainings, seminars, meetings and celebrations). In case of necessity we conduct the pontoons if two different parties are set in the same time. Don’t miss the chance to try this type of activity holidays Russia.

The whole program of water activities depends on the pontoon complex: voyages on the cutters, water skiing, water “buns” and “bananas” pulled by a boat. The beach is situated on the other bank of the river. The guests who want to get to the beach are delivered from the moorage to their destination by boat. They may lie in the sun on clear river sand and swim for pleasure. The bank is quite gently sloping there; it makes family rest more comfortable. The river is not deep next to the bank, that’s why the water is heated enough even in the beginning of summer. Active tours Russia is unforgettable experience not only for adults, but also for all children.