Active summer vacation in Altai

action_sumIf you are a fan of active tourism and adventures – the “Russian House” in Altai is ideal travel destination for you! If you are a fan of active tourism and adventures – the “Russian House” in Altai is ideal travel destination for you!

The “Russian House” keeps a large number of cutters – from small models to big, capacious and high-speed ones.
We offer everyday 30-minute voyages on Chumysh river, while those you have a chance to look at vicinity and swim in the river, when the cutter is stopped. There are life vests, those are put on before boarding the cutter. Every day the receptionist gives the tickets for a half an hour cutter voyage those need be   used on a day of distribution; the can not be piled up. If 30 minutes are not enough for you, you may have a longer extra-paid voyage.
The river voyages are usually begun in the beginning of May and finished at the end of October.

Water skiing


Both adults and children like this kind of water entertainment. The skies are pulled by cutters of different models (it depends on ability of a skier).

 Water «buns»


It is all-time favorite water entertainment of everybody! It is extremely cool to “hop” in the waves, screwing eyes from water splashes and screaming from pleasure!

Water «banana»

action14The guests are gathered in groups of 5 people and “fly” after a high-speed cutter driving straight and doing a sharp turn unexpectedly! The team spirit is required from the passengers in that moment: they need do the turn skillfully and not dive into the river together! Corporative guests like this entertainment very much because a boss and his submitted people may turn up on the same “banana”! 

Rest on the pontoon complex

action18The pontoon complex of the “Russian House” is joint several pontoons. The pontoons are the moorage for all our boats. Picnics are set and the Floating Russian Bath is heated there. The pontoons has both opened and closed decks. You may sunbathe on and dive from the opened deck and have a meal or wait till the rain is over on the closed one. The kitchen is located on the border of the pontoon, where our cooks prepare food on the fire for our guests. If the water level is high enough, the pontoons are towered along the river by our cutters.

The beach and swimming

action15The water program of the “Russian House” takes place on Chumysh River, next to the place, where it flows into Ob River.
The “Russian House” has private sand river beach only for the guests of the tourist centre.
By the way, Siberian suntan keeps on the skin much longer than the South one:)  Swimming season usually begins in the middle of June and finishes in the middle of August, BUT thanks to our floating bath the gusets of the “Russian House” have a chance to swim from May to October: you can warm yourself in the hot Russian bath any time…


action25Amateur fishing is available for the guests of the “Russian House” in summer and autumn. Pikes, breams, carps and ides may be caught there. It will be better if you have your own equipment for fishing, but we may give you our fishing rods if it is necessary. You may prepare fish soup from caught fish or ask our cook to do it. Good biting!


action16Different types of horse-riding are offered to the guests of the “Russian House” both in winter and in summer. Horse riding program is arranged at the “Glade of Russian fairy tales”. Horse-riding routs are laid to Chumysh River and through the forest also. Coachmen deliver our guests to the landing stage and to the Floating Russian Bath (and drive them back too).

Attention, please!  People in condition of alcoholic intoxication are not admitted to horse-riding.

The Russian bathes

action17The “Russian House” hosts two main Russian Bathes: the Bath on the territory of the tourist centre (max 12 people) and a floating one on Chumysh River (max 6 people). The floating bath is a real miracle! Thanks to it, our guests are able to swim in the river from April to freezing-over! In the afternoon the Floating Bath is available for everyone, but it may be reserved for individual occupation for the whole morning or evening (apply to the receptionist).
The Bath on the territory may be reserved while checking in the room or beforehand by a telephone call to the reception. In spring you may make a fresh bird-cherry bunch for the bath (it is our own discovery).
The flavor of bird cherry in the steam of the bath is indescribable! Birch bunches are available all year around. There are also several Russian bathes available while special programs: The Bath of Fedorovna, The Bath on the Burial Mound etc.
All the Russian Bather are heated by firewood stoves.

Sport games

action21The “Russian House” hosts a huge territory to provide our guests playgrounds for such sports as football, volleyball and so on. We have two playgrounds for outdoor games: asphalted and ground ones. You may also play with a ball on a beach or in a meadow. May be, it is much more interesting, what do you think?


action19Strolls on the fresh air are good for health. It is really pleasant and relaxing to walk with nearest and dearest, go jogging or pull a pram with a baby in a forest! Be sure that city parks have absolutely another smells and sounds.
Our guests have a whole forest without fences barriers for strolls. But we have a condition – SAVE THE NATURE! You must not burn fires in wrong places and leave rubbish after yourself! Help us save this beautiful nature in virgin condition! The forest is full of flowers in spring and has a great variety of berries and fungi in summer and autumn. Ask the stuff of the “Russia House”, where you can find a lot of mushrooms!

Outdoor discos

action20Discos are usually set in the hall of the dining room, but in summer discos are also organized on the opened deck of the ship “Love” on Saturdays; and during a week, if the guests want.

Dear guests! The complex meal is offered to help you enjoy your holiday in Altai as much as possible.
… And also accommodation in the rooms of various qualities.

Pay attention! Read this page to learn, what of the activities are included in the price and what are paid additionally.