A wonderful tourist’s attraction in Altai

Tourist centre “Russian House” is situated in Altai region. Altai region, in his turn, is located in the South-East of the western Siberia, between the 50 and 55 degrees North latitude and the 77 and 87 degrees East longitude – far away from oceans and seas, that fact influences the climatic features of our land. Geographically we are situated next to the centre of Asia!

Our native land

Altai region is generously gifted with natural resources: iron and complex ore, gold, mercury, various minerals. Hydro resources of Altai territory are also significant; forests and pastures are wide; green meadows are rich with fertile soil. Our land is famous all around the world for it’s wonderful nature and unique sights made by people. Local people have overcome thorny path of centuries-old history. Every era has it’s own landmarks telling us about unbreakable development of humanity.

mapRDThe “Russian House” is situated in the plain part of Altai region. The territory of the region is crossed by the river Ob. Ob is one of the longest rivers of the world! Siberian river Chumysh (The “Russian House” is situated in 5 miles from the mouth if this river) flows into Ob next to the tourist centre – this place is very famous all around Russia.

This territory refers to Sharply continental climate. Due to noticeable fluctuations of temperature during a year, all seasons are clearly defined. The winters in our land are frosty and snowy; summers are as hot as the summers of the Middle Asia.

Local flora is very rich with shrubs and trees. When some types of them are in blossom in spring, the air is full of sweet and fresh floral fragrance. Autumn landscapes dazzle bright colors. Altai winter gives the guests a chance to turn up in a real Russian winter fairy tale – “Morozko”, “Snegurochka” etc. Fauna of Altai is various too.

In spite of the technical progress and poaching, local animal world is still various. In the Altai Mountains you can meet a brown bear – the Symbol of Russia, an elk, a wild goat, a roe deer, a lynx, a wolf, a fox, a hare, a partridge and other representatives of animals and birds.

The history of the “Russian House”

35 years ago a sailor of Soviet mercantile marine Sergei Chikulaev decided to change his life dramatically and came down to land once and for all, moved from Primorye Territory to far Siberia. He began to live with his wife there, in deep forest. They started multiplying cows. Sergei was working as a gamekeeper and spent a lot of time in a forest, standing guard over the territories put in his hands. Guests from the nearest towns sometimes came to Sergei’s house because the man exchanged the big world of skyscrapers and lights, opened for a sailor, for lonely life in wild nature was interesting for those people. Sergei spoke English well, that’s why foreigners were invited to Sergei’s territory for socializing with this unique man and for having a rest on fresh air. But the workdays were quite not idle: wild animals around the house, relentless frosts of Siberian winters, wood stove heating, washing clothes in an ice-hole in the river – there was neither electricity nor water supply system in Siberian taiga. And Sergei’s character, that has always been full of principles – he was very strict and determined in punishing poachers and other violators of forest’s safety.

One day Sergei’s daughter was born and when she got older and had to go to school, her father made a decision to move from the solid forest to the nearest settlement and built another house there to give the daughter an opportunity to study. The “Russian House” was founded there; it is situated on that place nowadays too. The housekeeping was increasing and developing. Sergei bought a cutter and a couple of snowmobiles to let his guests have a rest in an interesting way both in summer and in winter. He also bought horses. His wife prepared delicious meals from products taken only from the farm and the garden for the guests.

The first regular guests of the “Russian House” were the crews of the German airlines “Lufthansa”. They arrived to the “Russian House” from Novosibirsk every day, changing each other, to enjoy Russian hospitality of Sergei and his family. German guests became real friends to the host of the camp site, some pilots and flight attendants of “Lufthansa” arrived there more than 100 times! Even when all the buildings of the “Russian House” were burnt in a huge fire in 1995, only the guests from “Lufthansa” did not turned away from Sergei and helped his family and him. The pilots and flight attendants did not want to stop their trips to the favorite place and lived in tents on the bank of the river until new living houses of the tourist centre were built.

mapRDMore than 20 years passed from that time. Nowadays the “Russian House” is a real “country”, a huge complex created for life and pleasure. Every day more than 120 people came from all parts of Russia and from other countries spend their holiday there. Siberian people, the population of the nearest cities: Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Krasnoyarsk, Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk are regular and majority of the holidaymakers of the “Russian House” but the guests from other parts of the world also come there and value the service of the “Russian House” highly for cordiality of the staff, for a wide variety of spending time all year around and for the beauty of local nature, of course.