wellcomeTourism in Russia is developing very fast today. More and more Russian people and Foreigners choose Russia as their travel destination. Different types of holidays in Russia are available: trips in the central Russia, tours to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg… But the most exotic places of tourists’ interest are Siberia and the Far East of course. Vacations in Siberia become more and more popular among tourists who prefer active and adventure tourism.

Siberia is rich with natural sights: The Lake Baikal – the deepest lake in the world; skiing holiday in Siberia will be unforgettable – ski resorts “Gladenkaya” in Sayanogorsk, “Sheregesh” in Novokusnetsk and “Belokuriha” in Biisk will never leave indifferent any fan of mountain skiing. Big cities of the west of Siberia like Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and Barnaul are worth seeing too. Siberian camping sites are famous for their hospitality and reasonable prices. Altai area is extremely popular with tourists and if you are intrigued and interested in spending your vacation in Altai – the “Russian House” is at your service!

The “Russian House” is one of the biggest year-round tourism attractions in Siberia. If you are looking for a life-time experience of a holiday in Siberia, the “Russian House” is an ideal travel destination to make your wishes come true. We offer a big variety of active, extreme and adventure winter travelling tours, and an exciting entertainment program of holiday in Altai in summer. Please, find tourist offers for the 2019-2020 winter season on our website.

The “Russian House” tourist centre is located in South Siberia, Russia. We specialize on trips across Siberia, namely trips to Altai which attracts tourists from around the globe.

Altai is a unique Russian place; it will be interesting to anyone dreaming to visit Russia. Trips to Altai will show you virgin landscapes, and you will learn Russian traditions and the history of Siberia. You will be accommodated in traditional wooden towers and log houses, treated to traditional Russian cuisine, and invited to participate in national activities like fishing, playing football, singing to a guitar and so on.

The “Russian House” will take you to a winter fairy tale with abundant snow and invigorating Siberian frosts. Tour in Russia during winter will be unforgettable! You will get to know Russian culture and enjoy the hospitality of the hosts of the “Russian House”.
So we invite you to the very heart of Russia – the “Russian House” welcomes you!

For over twenty years the “Russian House” has been a favorite destination for people from all over the world who decided to devote their holiday exploring Siberia and Altai. Most of our guests have visited from European countries, including Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy etc., the American continent, Japan, Korea and other countries. All of them found in the “Russian House” what they had long searched for, but never met before: interesting leisure activities with a variety of outdoor entertainments and the opportunity to get an insight into Russian history, traditions, customs and culture. The main advantage of a holiday in the “Russian House” is freedom to behave and choose leisure activities, and vast open spaces around. Life in the “Russian House” doesn’t obey strict rules of spending time; there is more freedom for thoughts, words and activities. We invite you to feel a taste and smell of free living in wide Russian, Siberian and Altai spaces!

The “Russian House” welcomes everyone who is looking for new impressions! You are going to feel Russian regardless of where you come from! Altai is waiting you every day!